We live in Sciacca, a seaside village a few kilometres from Agrigento, where, since 1969, we have managed to create a third-generation family business of considerable importance in anchovy products.


Our company’s main aim is to guarantee our customers the best quality of anchovies sold in jars and packs and that are perfectly ripe and rosy, exclusively sourced from the Sicilian and Spanish coasts.


And it is within this context that we strive to be one of the few companies that is still directly involved in the production of salted fish preserved in olive oil.


Our company has obtained CE approval to guarantee the best quality and as recognition that we comply with European law and health regulations.


The high quality of our work, which is still carried out today in the traditional way, has allowed us to gain a broad customer base, including leading companies in the industry that ask ALICON to produce on their behalf.